Why choose IMI Film Making Courses

All our Film Making Courses​ balance the study of the art form of filmmaking with practical experience. We believe the best way to learn Filmmaking is by actually making films. Traditional film courses often delay the moment when students get behind the cameras and actually make movies. But in our programs, you will learn by doing practical from day one. Here, you will learn by making your own films in hands-on, intensive programs. Whatever program you choose- whether you enroll in 12 Months Diploma course, 6 Months Certificate course or in Short-Term Filmmaking Foundation Certificate Program, students put their hand on camera from first day of class.

Our students have a unique advantage over those graduates who have focused knowledge in only one area. At IMI, we believe that whatever field you end up working in the movie business, an appreciation of the nuts and bolts of all the key roles in filmmaking is crucial to success in any discipline you eventually pursue as a career. After you move into professional world, you should not be lost in a maze of terms while discussing any aspects of film.

During the initial phase of all our film making courses, we take students through the complete filmmaking process of writing, directing, lighting, editing and sound recording at a serious level, on digital technology and practically teach them all what it takes to translate an idea on to a screen and later during concentrated specialization in their chosen disciplines; students master the craft of film-making on latest film technology.

By the time you complete your course, you will have made more films than many film students make in two years.

Courses Offered

2 Months Weekend short Course in Film Making

6 Months Full Time Certificate Course in Film Making

12 Months Full Time Diploma Course in Film Making

Right Course For You?

Diploma Program

• 12 Months of full – time intensive course.
• Total 1600 hours of Tuition.
• Specialization in Film Direction/Producing
• Average 20 students in each discipline.
• Admission is purely on the basis of merit.
• Each student independently makes close to 12 film projects and performs all key roles while crewing in 30 other films.
• Training on Sony Full HD PXW-FS7 Super 35 Camera, 4K Arri Alexa XT Studio Camera & 5K RED Epic. Editing experience on nonlinear AVID Xpress Pro & Final Cut Pro X.
• Three months internship with industry contacts.
• Each student makes final Diploma film with 35 mm 4k Arri Alexa Camera in key-role as Director/Producer/ Scriptwriter/ Editor.
• A Diploma & demo reel of final film are awarded.
• Recommended for those who want to kick start a full time independent career in Film & TV industry.
• Students gain fast track entry in Sr. positions in creative or technical team of Film Production Companies.

Certificate Program

• 6 Months of full-time, intensive course.
• Total 800 hours of Tuition.
• Multi-disciplinary course, specializing in narrative fiction as well as non-fiction film making for television.
• Average20 students in each discipline.
• Admission is purely on the basis of merit.
• Each student independently makes close to 6 films projects & performs all key roles while crewing in 15 other films.
• Training on broadcast level Canon C-500 Camera & Editing experience on nonlinear AVID Xpress Pro & FCP
• Industry tour for first hand exposure.
• Each student makes Certificate film on Sony PMW-300 Camera & Documentary with HD Camcorder.
• A Certificate & demo-reel of final film are awarded.
• Recommended for those who want to build a strong foundation for working way up in the Film & TV industry.
• Film making students gain fast track entry for Assistants jobs in the Television industry.
• IMI Certificate students of Cinematography/ Editing/ Scriptwriting/ Producing can join as an Assistant to Sr. Industry Professionals.

Short Term Program

• Two Months Weekend course for working professionals & students who have other time commitments.
• Total 80 hours of Tuition.
• Learn Film Making while working / studying.
• Film making Foundation program where you make films from day one.
• Average20 students in each batch.
• Admissions open for all, No previous experience of film making required.
• Students write, shoot and edit 4 short films under professional guidance.
• Final film of 15 – 20 minutes on broadcast level full HD Camera & post production on AVID Xpress.
• A Certificate and DVD show reel of final film awarded on successful completion of the course.
• Recommended for those curious to know working behind camera or want to test self-aptitude.
• Provides creative and collaborative skills that can be useful in any vocation.
• Great overview for those consider higher education in film making or want to seriously move into entertainment industry.
• Students gain entry level job in Production house/ TV Channels.

Learn by Doing

Learn Filmmaking by doing practical from day one

  • Write, shoot & edit4 short films of your own & assist others in students’ film projects as a crew member.
  • Hands-on training to make fictional or documentary films
  • Certificate and DVD showreel on successful completion of the course
  • Recommended for all those film enthusiasts who want to know more about working behind the camera

Build your portfolio

Write, shoot & edit short films of your own & assist others in students’ film projects as a crew member

  • Informal screening of your final film for your invited guests.
  • Must for the students who want to test self-aptitude before applying for specialization in Film making.
  • Regularly feedback by industry professionals

Achieve your goals

Students gain an entry-level job in Production house / TV Channels

  • Provides a complete overview to those who want to make a considered choice about a career in a highly rewarding film & TV industry.
  • Affordable Fees
  • No previous experience of film making required
  • Audience to Film Maker in Short period of time.
What kind of results can I expect from my education at IMI?
All the programs at IMI are designed to prepare the next generation of talent for specific careers in the most exciting and creative industry in the world. That is why every student at IMI graduates with a demo reel – the ultimate calling cards. As well, all IMI grads acquire the proper certification in accord with industry expectations. To get a better sense of what can be accomplished with IMI education, click at student films page which showcases many of these outstanding demos.
Do I need a degree to study at IMI?
To be eligible for the admission in any course at IMI, graduation degree is preferred but not compulsory. IMI admission policy recognizes that there will be some outstanding applicants with backgrounds in other disciplines and work experience including those without standard graduation degree. Applicants merit and creative potential are evaluated on the basis of their creative profile and response to aptitude test questions listed in Admission Requirements Page. If you have the ability and fit our minimum entry requirements, then apply.
How practical are the IMI courses?
The courses at IMI are intensive programs based around theory, practical exercises, hands-on filmmaking and industry internship. Whether you enroll in our Advanced Diploma or Diploma courses, here students learn filmmaking by doing practical from day one. Each student is trained in the central filmmaking skills- script writing, directing, producing, cameras, editing, sound and production design on professional equipment. Moreover during the Advanced Diploma course, each student makes at least 12 films in Key role (Director/Screenwriter/Producer/Cinematographer/Editor) and also works as a crew member in 30 others film in supporting roles, whereas in Diploma course, students independently make 8 short films/documentaries and crew in 20 other films in supporting roles.
Do you accept students who have no experience or background in filmmaking?
We actively support applicants who have a passion for cinema or television. We believe that filmmaking talent shows itself in many different ways, so we would be interested in you if you have a passion for films and have a background or portfolio of work in theatre or journalism or still photography or graphic design or other creative discipline. This will help us in assessing your application why you are ideally suited for IMI course.
Can I specialize?
Most Advacned Diploma students join our course with a clear vision in their mind: they will be director, script writer, producer, director of photography, editor etc. During the first semester, all students are introduced to each element of cinema through filmmaking foundation program with an integrated approach which fuses theoretical concepts with direct production results. And then, from second semester onward, they move on to mastering their chosen craft through a series of increasingly sophisticated and ambitious film projects as classroom exercise. By the end of three semester, we give you serious practical knowledge of what you can expect from different people working on your films and develop your skill in the area of your specialization.
Do I need my own equipment to participate in the IMI Short-Term Program?
The IMI provides all the necessary equipments to make curriculum exercise or final films to all our student of Advanced Diploma and Diploma Programs. However, students who get enrolled in 2 months, weekend sessions of Filmmaking Foundation Certificate Program will be provided with professional camera & editing equipments for hands-on classroom practical only. Students are advised to make their exercise films without incurring any additional expenses and encouraged to pool in their resources to arrange any production needs for their projects. On completion of the program, all students are expected to produce their final film with their own resources and for that; all necessary equipments can be availed from IMI facilities at concession rates.

Cinema has always been magic for me and I always wanted to know how they do it.

In pursuit of which, I learnt animation, but was still trying to figure out the way to make my own film. Then I came to know about IMI from a friend. I joined in, mentally prepared that it won’t be of ‘real help’. But that was not the outcome. IMI helped me understand the very structural aspects of filmmaking, which I thought I knew. I knew the camera, but not the shots. I knew editing-software but not the editing principles. I knew the script but not scene detailing/shot division /continuity. Now I’m not disappointed why I could not make my earlier film; as it would have been half baked cookie. Thanks to IMI, today I’m a professional working in the industry’s top-notch production house.


Rangesh Sharma, Assistant Director

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