About Us

About Us

Today Indian film & Television industry is the largest in the world. It is a source of employment for 6.5 million people and employment opportunities are rising by the day.

As per rough estimation by Economics Times, by the year 2021, hundred thousands of hours of Television programs and feature films for the ever growing numbers of TV channels and multiplex Cinema across the country.

but there are not enough good film schools which offer practical training to prepare the huge talent pool of next generation film professionals needed for future expansion of the industry. Either you have Government aided Film Institutes with limited seats or privately run international film schools with their exorbitant fees.


an intimate film school, passionate about film and its students.


the affordable cost of film education.


Located in the heart of City Beautiful Chandigarh, providing an ideal backdrop for concentrated Film training.


The facilities at IMI incorporates the state of art curriculum with latest production and post production technology.


Excellent student-to-tutor ratio.


IMI tutors are working, high profile film professionals from the industry.

IMI opened its doors in May 2006 in MMK College, Mumbai with short course in filmmaking. And soon we branched out to Pune- the education hub of India.

Since that time, we have grown into our own facilities and today at sector 17-A, Chandigarh, we hold 12 Months full-time Diploma & 6 Months full-time Certificate Programs.

We also conduct Filmmaking Workshops at number of additional locations in different parts of Indian collaboration with different colleges and universities.

Since 2006, when the first student enrolled with us, we have come a long way. Today the Institute of Moving Images is considered one of the most prominent film schools in India.

Today, we can proudly say many of our alumni are employed in many prestigious Film Production Companies & Television Channels in India and abroad.

But the fact remains that no one is ever hired in the film industry on the basis of mere paper qualification. This is our faculty of high profile , award winning and established film professionals, who often come straight from their movie sets; teach students how to succeed in this competitive field since they know better how the film industry works.

Success in the Film Industry is a combination of right skills, Attitude & Confidence- this is what IMI provide to its students.

Some Films by IMI Students


Cinema has always been magic for me and I always wanted to know how they do it. In pursuit of which, I learnt animation, but was still trying to figure out the way to make my own film. Then I came to know about IMI from a friend. I joined in, mentally prepared that it won’t be of ‘real help’. But that was not the outcome. IMI helped me understand the very structural aspects of filmmaking, which I thought I knew. I knew the camera, but not the shots. I knew editing-software but not the editing principles. I knew the script but not scene detailing/shot division /continuity. Now I’m not disappointed why I could not make my earlier film; as it would have been half baked cookie. Thanks to IMI, today I’m a professional working in the industry’s top-notch production house

Rangesh Sharma,
Assistant Director

With a huge responsibility to carry the film legacy of my grandfather – legendary Guru Dutt, I joined IMI. The amazing thing about this film school is that it encourages its students to make mistakes and gives them space and time to find their own style. IMI does not dampen student’s enthusiasm with rules and technicalities of filmmaking, and yet put them through the rigour and effort needed to learn necessary skills. Today I’m confidently working in the direction team of Anurag Kashyap.

Karuna Dutt
Chief Assistant Director, Phantom Films

“One of the most fascinating and exciting experiences of my life. I totally enjoyed each day of the IMI Filmmaking program. This course gave me exactly what I have been dreaming of knowledge, experience and courage to make my own film. It takes you on a journey of self-discovery, shows you, arms you and most importantly enhances your spirit. IMI faculty totally demystifies the entire filmmaking process. They inspire with their methodical, easy to understand, sharing of knowledge and encourage you to confidently go out and make films. Well worth the money spent.”

Harsheet Thukral,
Painter & Filmmaker



Our advisors help students and alumni navigate through the entertainment industry and assist in securing that all important first project, assignment or job.

We also have a dedicated job board on IMI website wherein industry jobs are regularly posted by reputed production houses for paid and unpaid work which our students and alumni can search for themselves.


On the strength of the IMI certificate and show-reel of their final Diploma or Certificate films, many of our alumni are gainfully employed in prestigious houses in India & abroad.

At the Institute of Moving Images, we teach the art, craft and commerce of Filmmaking based on modern and balanced curriculum, class room instructions, hands-on practical exercises, actual filmmaking & industry internship. Our course content has ingrained the best ideas and elements from the top film schools of the world and adapted them to be relevant to our film & television industry.

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